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About our Foundation

Australian Ecosystems Foundation is a not-for-profit registered environmental organisation dedicated to saving Australian wildlife by protecting habitats and maintaining natural ecological processes.


The AEFI Management Committee is made up of a variety of industry representatives including conservation biologists, tourist operators, research scientists, accountants, public servants, Indigenous teachers, farmers and business executives.  This combination allows AEFI to manage tis reserves and wildlife with a broad range of experiences, skills and knowlegde on hand.


We manage or assist in the management of important habitats to ensure that the wildlife within is protected.  We are involved in the management of over 3000 hectares of land as well as conducting research and captive breeding to improve the future for Australian endangered wildlife.


We currently reach thousands of Australians and internationals who want to help save Australian wildlife, and our reach is rapidly building. With your help, we will continue grow and protect endangered ecosystems and wildlife across Australia.


We work with a range of partners to educate, inform and conserve. This includes government agencies, universities, and volunteer and community groups. By working together with other organisations we can share expertise and resources to increase the effectiveness of our conservation work, and it's sustainability.


More about Us

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