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Newnes Plateau Conservation Reserve

The Newnes Plateau Conservation Reserve was donated to AEFI in April 2007 by Xstrata Coal, who previously managed the land. All mining operations were conducted underground, leaving the bushland above relatively intact.


The Newnes Plateau Conservation Reserve now has the potential to be a protected area for wildlife conservation and release of native species in the Blue Mountains area. At 175 ha (420 acre), the reserve is located on Wiradjuri country and borders Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Wollemi National Park, and Secret Creek Sanctuary. This allows AEFI to manage several different catchments at the southern part of the Newnes Plateau. 


AEFI has conducted flora and fauna surveys within the reserve to confirm the presence of several native fauna species such as Brush-tailed Rock-wallaby, Blue Mountains Water Skink, Yellow-Tailed Black Cockatoo and Squirrel Glider.  Many native species have not been seen since the Gospers Mountain megafire and the increase of introduced predators and therefore, there is an increased need to protect the area. From a regional perspective, AEFI has developed partnerships to assist in reducing the threats to our endangered species across nearly 40,000 ha (96,000 acre) of Blue Mountains bushland.

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