Wollemi Nature Reserve

At over 2,000 ha (5,300 acre) and surrounded by World Heritage National Park, the Wolgan Valley property is an example of turning the tide on land degradation.


AEFI has been involved in management since 2002 through three property owners, undertaking thousands of hours on weed removal, controlling pest animal species and reconnecting habitats. The property had been destocked, noxious willows removed and the banks of the Wolgan River are being restored. Over 70,000 native flora species have been planted with the help of conservation volunteers from around the world, including International Student Volunteers (ISV) and local community groups. Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa now own the land and have continued to work with AEFI for continued land restoration and protection.


AEFI's survey of Wollemi confirmed that populations of the endangered Regent Honeyeater still exists in this Valley, while other species such as Dingos, Spotted-tailed Quoll, Koala, Yellow-bellied Glider and Powerful Owl are believed to still survive there.


The property is now managed by Emirates Hotels Australia as a conservation based ecotourism site and continues the conservation management that AEFI started in 2002.

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